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 Now In: Massage Music → CD: Eternity

CD: Eternity

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Eternity features Deuter's most renowned compositions, offering a musical experience far beyond sound and melody. This collection embodies the healing and timeless quality of his exceptional repertoire. In Eternity, Deuter's subtle mastery of instruments ranging from the Chinese erhu and Tibetan bowls to flutes, percussion and piano reveals more than ever his unique gift of musical alchemy.

Piano and keyboards, flutes, drums and percussion, erhu, bells and chimes, Tibetan bowls and many others.

Review of Eternity
"Eternity spans the width and breadth of the last fourteen years in Deuter's music career, illustrating both the artist's abundance of talent spread across a wide spectrum of styles as well as his singular musical vision. Whether serene and soothing or cheerful and celebratory, the music on Eternity amply demonstrates his place as a founding father in the New Age genre.

The multi instrumentalist musical healer comes to terms with issuing a best of set so those that haven't had the chance to get on the band wagon yet have the chance to get up to speed. Centered around some of his best loved musical excursions, this is a well stacked, smartly programmed set that was put together with an ear toward timelessness so you never get the feeling the material or presentation is dated. A genuine, first class look back at some top drawer new age music after the pop parade passed it by and it went back to it's real roots." - Chris Spector, Midwest Records

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