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CD: Mastering Mindfulness

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Mastering Mindfulness: Your Complete Guide to Practising Presence

Mindfulness is a practise to reclaim thoughts, emotions and presence without judgement that are stuck in the past or future. By bringing ones attention fully to the present can one have true influence and choice and from practising this one can create their future. Mindfulness may assist and help manage challenges with addictions, anxiety, depression, pain and emotional eating.

Over 70 mins Mastering Mindfulness contains 5 tracks. It is the work and compilation of thousands of work with clients one on one and groups by Anikiko, specialised kinesiologist, to the calming background of her Music Nutrition series. The background music itself uses the calming soothing power of the human voice and brainwave technology to access deeper states, intentions related to each track, scalar holographic tones, crystal singing bowls, binaural rhythms, entrainment, solfeggio tuning forks and the melodies and resonance of Anikikos voice initiate the space for harmony and healing at the deepest level of your being. The tracks place guiding words and healing energy directly into the cells of the body. Dissipating fears and restrictions. Guiding listeners to unlock the very essence of their limitations.

Mastering Mindfulness introduces what mindfulness is, what it is not and practical tools such as specific exercises to apply. There are also 2 x 20 min guided tracks to help you master your emotions and body sensations.All tracks work closely with diaphragmatic breathing, working with sensations, visualisations and maximise our ability to focus and train awareness.

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